What is MOPS?

MOPS is highly comfortable secure printing


Print from any place and at any time and be sure your documents will not be printed out before you are in front of the printer. With the free MOPS App you will always have your print jobs under control.The built-in print2me function will make your documents follow you to the printer of your choice.


MOPS and cards


You are using RFID-media (cards or tags) for access control? Why not using these for print release with MOPS?


MOPS is printing for guest


quickly print a ticket or an email. Offer your guests this convenient and simple to use service...


Each device can print


MOPS allows printing from almost any device. From iOS or Android devices using the MOPS-app – or simply by sending an email to MOPS server – or upload to the MOPS user portal – or the classic way by printing command from your PC.


MOPS has an eye on it


You can configure MOPS so that it tracks all printing activities in your network. Reports will be generated automatically and periodically sent out by email.


MOPS without cloud


MOPS won’t store or host any data on cloud servers. Keep your data private.


MOPS is ideal for


Schools, hotels or any organizations where there are mobile devices in use, payment does not matter, and secure printing is important...





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